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When they returned home, she knew something was wrong now. No love words. Just a turn away from her and a sigh.

“You’re scaring me , i have this weird feeling that  you’re going to leave” she said

“What are you talking about?” he yelled , he avoided her eyes, constantly looking down, into the mirror, or up at the ceiling.

…I know.” She said. She put on her fake smile.
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Sing Sweet Nightingale


Sitting in the corner on my balcony with Mr.Teddy Bear beside me, Looking around the view, beautiful scenery that has been created by God.The trees, fireflies everywhere and the million stars above me. Sound of crickets singing and frogs shouting each other , making some perfect harmony for this nature show. I’m ready to go to sleep. Lights off.

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Secret Garden


I’m gonna drink a cup of tea and have some picnic on my secret garden while reading my favorite books, and feel the smell of the paper and also feel the wind throughout my hair. Birds flying high around me. Say hello to Summer Breeze!

I love this place, I wanna tell you a reason why i love my secret garden.

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