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My Favorite Things About Being In Relationship

There is a lot of things that i love about being in relationship. Like having someone to take care of , saying love word whenever you want etc. The question is, what’s your favorite thing about being in relationship?

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Pivotal Element for Woman

What would be the most interesting way to attract people? What can you do to attract people around you when you are neither a good actress nor a talented singer?

For every woman in the world, they want to be special . Plenty of reasons come to those statement. I want to be special.  Example: Don’t you want to be like Angelina Jolie?  yap ! She’s credited not only for her career in Hollywood, but also her dedication for humanitarian causes. She started her action by asking the data of refugees from UNHCR ( United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees) an assigned as the Goodwill Ambassador. Yes , She has that things “Beauty, Brain and Behavior” to attract many people. Let’s take a look:

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