My Favorite Things About Being In Relationship

There is a lot of things that i love about being in relationship. Like having someone to take care of , saying love word whenever you want etc. The question is, what’s your favorite thing about being in relationship?

1. Having someone to say goodnight and good morning to everyday .This is the most favorite thing about being in relationship , i love the way when we had a long of conversation in the middle of the night and our conversation ended with “good night babe, sweet dreams”  and then i keep stare on my phone for a sec and smile.

2. There’s always one person who keep saying “you’re beautiful”. I have a low of confidence about my appearance. About what i’m wearing , how it looks when i’m wearing this one, that one bla bla bla .But it changed. Whenever he said to me “you’re beautiful”, it automatically makes me feel that i’m the prettiest girl in the world

3. You’re not eating your lunch alone. When my friends on diet , i’m usually eat my lunch alone at the food corner. Yes, awkward. But, if you’re in relationship , you just call him and he’ll be there for a minute. You can sharing your lunch with him , and have some silly conversation about people in the food corner and sometimes you can save your lunch budget.

4. Time Management. When you’re in a relationship , time management skill are more needed. You must have an agenda to arrange your college time, working time , family time and your quality time with your boyfriend. So being in relationship taught me a lot about time management.

5. Getting to know new people. Yess , i met many new people from everywhere and you can get an amazing feeling when you meet someone new. A new stories ,  a new experience , a new place to hang out. Sounds fun ,eh ?

6. Self Control. When you’re single , no one can tell you the truth about your bad behavior (except your mom). My boyfriend always told me about the things that he didn’t like about me

7. Everything’s gonna be alright.  When you tell a line wrong , it will be some new funny jokes of a day. Don’t take too seriously. We’re just a human. No one perfect . Just have fun with it.

8. Kisses .You can kiss him all night long without feeling guilty , just love.  You can feel like living a teenage dream.

9. You will always have some romantic photos inside your wallet. Yes, no more photos of your driving license, your id card , or photos of yourself inside your wallet.

10. You will always have a special date every month. I always love 27. Our anniversary. Our special day or maybe will be our very special date *wedding bell*

Sooo are you ready to be in relationship?

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