Pivotal Element for Woman

What would be the most interesting way to attract people? What can you do to attract people around you when you are neither a good actress nor a talented singer?

For every woman in the world, they want to be special . Plenty of reasons come to those statement. I want to be special.  Example: Don’t you want to be like Angelina Jolie?  yap ! She’s credited not only for her career in Hollywood, but also her dedication for humanitarian causes. She started her action by asking the data of refugees from UNHCR ( United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees) an assigned as the Goodwill Ambassador. Yes , She has that things “Beauty, Brain and Behavior” to attract many people. Let’s take a look:

1. Beauty

God is good. God created the most beautiful creature called woman. We are all beautiful. We’ve those perfect eyes to see everything from the good side, perfect lips to speak the words of kindness. But that’s not enough for showing our beautifulness. Inner beauty are more needed. Beauty face without inner beauty is nothing, if you’re beautiful and you’re have a lot of animosity in your heart, then say goodbye to this part,because you’re not qualified enough. Learn to forgive each other, treat people nicely , listen to other people opinion even if they’re doing worst and  the most important thing, be your self.

2. Brain

If reading is your thing, get ready for an easy access to this part. If not, you might be in a big trouble. You don’t have to be buried by  many textbooks or good on mathematical thing. You don’t have to be a genius student in your school or college, you just have to be a broad-minded woman. Broad-minded means know everything, from a simple things to a complicated things like politic. You can have it from reading, from textbooks, internet, or by attending a seminar. The most important thing is you have to focus on one thing that you like.If you’re good on dancing then be a great dancer, if you’re good on studying , then be a qualified graduates.

3. Behavior

No matter how brilliant and beautiful you are, but if your character is not good then it equals to zero. So if you want to be smart, character is also essentials. You have to learn about self-control or manners. Speak nicely to other people, give your best smile to them , don’t forget to say thank you, etc . Being nice people with good behavior is an easy thing.Patience , intention , and honesty is the main key to achieve that.

Polling about Beauty , Brain , Behavior : http://bit.ly/if7ZaX


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