Secret Garden


I’m gonna drink a cup of tea and have some picnic on my secret garden while reading my favorite books, and feel the smell of the paper and also feel the wind throughout my hair. Birds flying high around me. Say hello to Summer Breeze!

I love this place, I wanna tell you a reason why i love my secret garden.

First, it has flowers in many colors, pink, blue, purple, yellow and many more.

Second, i can see and hear everything from here. The bird chirping , bunny’s jump sound, sound when i stir my tea, and the melody of nature.

Third, this is the place that i feel the different thing about something .We touch, and something charges the air. Gravity doesn’t influenced to dropping apple from the tree. When night comes, you’ll showered with the light of stars. Fireflies comes around you and you would not believe your eyes

Yes you! the boy from unknown places. the boy with 100% ¬†honesty. Come here to my secret garden. I promise you don’t have to fight for a terrible dragon or a evil stepmother. Just open the gate and say hello


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